- Connect and Install Cricut Machine

A Cricut is an electronic cutting machine that can cut all sorts of designs from materials like paper, vinyl, card stock, and iron-on transfers. Some Cricut machines can even cut leather and wood!

Cricut machines can even cut leather and wood! For your new Cricut, you will also need to have an online account ( ) so you can use Cricut’s Design Studio which is the operating software for Cricut machines. The software supports only newer machines which are Explore, Explore One, Explore Air 1 and 2 and new Cricut maker machine.

How to Connect the Cricut Maker via Bluetooth?

You can either use your Cricut Maker with the USB cord to connect it to your desktop device, or you can set it up through Bluetooth so that you can use your Cricut Maker in a different area to your desktop (so cord-free).

Step 1

  • To connect via Bluetooth, make sure your Cricut machine is powered on. Your Cricut machine must be within 10 feet of your computer.

  • Step 2: Windows PC Users

  • On your Windows PC, open Settings on your computer and select Devices.
  • Make sure Bluetooth is toggled on and select your machine.

  • Step 3: Mac Users

  • On your Mac, open System Preferences and select Bluetooth.
  • Your machine should appear when powered on, and you can click Connect.

  • Steps to Install cricut machine software

    Install the cricut setup printer by following the mentioned below steps :

  • Turn on your cricut printer and connect the printer to your Windows or Mac computer. Turn the device on.
  • Open up your preferred browser and go to and click the ‘enter’ key.
  • Enter your cricut printer model number on the search box and click the download button below the product name.
  • After that, run the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • The wizard will now ask you to choose your connection type. You can select USB or wifi mode.
  • Finally, you can complete the cricut setup and software installation.

  • Quick Steps to Setup Cricut Device

    There are several cricut devices available in the market. These are used to perform different tasks. So, it is necessary to setup the device when it is going to be use for first time. Here are the steps to setup a cricut device:

  • Plug in cricut device and switch ON the power button.
  • Connect cricut machine and your computer system through a USB cable.
  • Cicut devices are Bluetooth enable. So you can connect these devices to computer via Bluetooth as well.
  • After pairing of device and system, download cricut machine software from .
  • Double click on Install.exe file and let it install on your system.
  • Get Sign In with your cricut credentials.
  • Follow the instructions that comes infront of you to setup cricut device.